Many doctors * through the years, who previously had lucrative careers as abortionists, have had a  change of heart and realize the true nature of their deadly, gruesome business.  They have become some of the most outspoken, effective leaders in the pro-life movement.

     Among them is Dr. Patti Giebink, M.D., who chronicles her journey in her book, “Unexpected Choice”.  Just published this year, 2021, it can be purchased through Focus on the Family.   Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, interviews Dr. Giebink, which can be viewed on YouTube.

    Working for Planned Parenthood for two years, she writes in retrospect, “Back in the eighties, clinics did what they had to do in order to get the consent form signed, thanks largely to loose consent laws.  And they didn’t offer the abortion patient a thorough explanation of risks as they did for other patients.  If you’re suffering from appendicitis and need an appendectomy, your doctor will take you through a laundry list of critical risk factors.  It’s almost comical how many there can be for common treatments.  Yet with abortion, risks and alternatives are rarely mentioned – what can go wrong, possible long-term damage and what options are available.”  Thinking all along she was helping women, God had different plans for her.

     The quiet but unrelenting prayers of a nun for this doctor culminated in the powerful revelation of who God truly is.  From this amazing transformation, she went public with her conversion, confessing her past.  But the responses of others, even Christians, will surprise and even disappoint.

     Her perspective is refreshing and deeply spiritual.  This book has some hard yet necessary lessons for Christians, especially if we are to thrive in a “post-Roe” world some day.  I highly recommend this book.

*To name a few former abortionists who are now well-known pro-lifers:

The late Dr Bernard Nathanson

Dr. Anthony Levatino

Dr. Haywood Robinson

Dr. Noreen Johnson Robinson, wife of Dr. Haywood Robinson

Dr. Vansen Wong (Dr. Wong is now right)