The Holocaust goes down in history as one of the greatest atrocities.  Slavery and abortion still happen in this world.  How do these heinous acts against humanity happen?  Let’s take a look:

     First, the de-humanizing of a people group takes root.  One group of people believes another group of people is inferior, less than fully human.  Social consensus is created by spreading lies, propaganda to the masses so they will conform and grow numb to the truth.  In Nazi Germany, the Jews were taken by force, plundered, sent to camps, tortured and murdered just because they were of Jewish descent.  People become slaves when they are taken by force, then sold, bought, raped, tortured and/or murdered.  Abortion is justified because innocent human beings yet unborn are considered to be  “not fully human”, a “blob of tissue”, and many other non-human descriptions. Because of the propaganda spread by Planned Parenthood and their ilk, children with heartbeats, brain waves, fingerprints, all the DNA they will ever have from the moment of conception, are torn apart (tortured) and murdered, body parts sold,  just because they were conceived and the pregnancy is unwelcome. 

     Second, laws are either absent or inadequate to protect the vulnerable.  There were no laws protecting the Jews. Now, it is unthinkable. The nation of Israel was born out of sympathy for the Jews when the truth became known.  In America, a war was fought and laws were passed to outlaw slavery.  Now, slavery is unthinkable.  When Roe vs. Wade in 1973 struck down all existing laws once protecting unborn children, but gradually laws have passed to give a measure of curbing abortion, such as the Hyde Amendment, parental consent, 24 hr. waiting periods, etc. but abortion is still legal in America.   We MUST make abortion illegal and unthinkable.

     Thirdly, in all three cases, every day citizens, oblivious to the suffering around them, either ignore what is happening or if they are aware and repulsed by it, they do NOTHING to rise up against it.  People like Dietrich Bonhoffer in Germany, or those who participated in the Underground Railroad, are the true heroes of their day.  In this hour in history, it is the senseless slaughter of the unborn who need us to take action.  WHAT WILL YOU DO TO STOP ABORTION AND MAKE IT UNTHINKABLE?